6 Places to Buy Wholesale Shoes for Your Fashion Store

Are you looking for some responsible and qualified wholesale shoe suppliers in the USA? The shoe market is a very tough one. Nevertheless, you can find hidden gems that will help you grow your business or simply allow you to buy whatever shoes you want for an excellent price.

First, we’re going to list you some of the best wholesale shoes in the USA, and we’re going to compare the B2B transactions and characteristics of the suppliers. After that, we’re going to explain better to you the brands’ perks and other mentionable details.

In this article, we’re going to give importance to comfortable websites, because we’d like to recommend you sites where you can buy easily, and you won’t mix your orders.


If you want to know who’s the best shoe supplier, we may recommend you FitVille.

Not only because their website and online store is very easy to use and shop, but also because they’ve got a good reputation maintained during the years.

The delivery time and shipping will depend on your location. They count with a high variety of products with one of the best prices in the market.

While there are lots of positives, we suggest seeing for yourself and reading reviews about them to hear what past customers are saying about their FitVille experience.

NY Wholesale

NY Wholesale has many good attributes: they’re the biggest wholesaler in New York, and the #1 ranked for wholesale shoes in the USA. That’s surprising.

They provide all kinds of products in all fashions, but this time we’ll focus on their shoes. They offer a very large variety of designs: sandals, boots, sport shoes, heels, etcetera. And you can find many pairs for less than 8 dollars.

Also, NY Wholesale distributes around the world and they offer fast shipping from the USA. All their inventory is stocked in the USA and they deal with manufacturers in China. What does this mean? Lowest prices guaranteed!

Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central is a website that provides you links and information about wholesale shoes suppliers, so you can compare between brands.

This is not a supplier per se, it’s just a platform where you can find their suggestions for shoe suppliers, the decision will be up to you.

Wholesale Shoe Warehouse

Another company that supplies shoes is Wholesale Shoe Warehouse. They don’t have worldwide shipping and their delivery service may not be too fast.

The minimum order is 2 cases, that include between 12 and 18 pairs of shoes which can be different styles and colors. However, the website might not be so easy to navigate in.

If you’re looking for an online shop platform where you feel comfortable and can manage your cart easily, this website might not be a great option for you.


Enewwholesale is a website where you can explore not only shoes but also clothing. If you’re interested only in shoes, you can find a variety but for women and girls.

Right now, the website doesn’t allow you to navigate in their FAQ question, so we cannot tell what’s the estimated time for delivery service.

What we’re sure about is that Enewwholesale doesn’t include worldwide shipping. Nevertheless, it is a good site if you and your partners are interested in wholesale shoes in bulk.

Sandy’s Wholesale Shoes

The supplier in our list with the most experience in the business is Sandy’s Wholesale Shoes, with 41 years!

Even though they have years in the market, this company remains a bit small in Miami, but they supply to small retailers and larger chains.

They don’t count with worldwide shipping, but they don’t need it because their reputation is high enough in the USA.